Top Ten Google Chrome Extensions You Just Cant Live Without

Top Ten Google Chrome Extensions You Just Cant Live Without

From Our Bits And Screw's Top Ten List, Today we will be ranking the Top Ten best Google Chrome Browser Extensions You Just Cant Live Without.

Google Chrome Web browser is by far the greater of the top 10 popular web browsers. Wanna make your experience with Google Chrome be the greatest? Extensions is the key! Extensions are essentially small but extremely useful apps that add extra features to your browsing experience. Some may ask: best google chrome apps, best chrome extensions reddit, best chrome extensions 2017 or best chrome extensions for students. Google has hundreds of extensions available in their Chrome Web Store, doing everything from helping you save money to saving your passwords for you.

 You can manage Chrome extensions by pressing the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser, selecting the “More tools” option, and choosing “Extensions.” After installing an extension in Chrome, you’ll typically see a tiny icon for them appear next to the URL field.

Here are the 10 Google Chrome Browser extensions that we at Bits And Screws Tech Community have tested and just could not go a day without.

1. Adblock Plus (Advertisment Blocker)

Adblock Plus (Advertisment Blocker)

Adblock Plus (Advertisment Blocker)

Adblock Plus, one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions, lets you clean your web pages, by removing those clumsy advertisements from sidebars and everywhere else. The free plugin can block various kinds of ads, such as animated ads, pop-ups & pop-unders, Facebook ads etc. Also, there is an impressive level of protection from tracking and malware. It is to be noted that Adblock Plus does not put end to web advertisements; on the other hand, there’s a set of acceptable ads that do not interrupt your web browsing. Plus, this open-source extension is customizable as well.

Install Adblock Plus

2. LastPass (All In one Password Manager)

Coming from one of the most popular password managers, LastPass Google Chrome extension is a useful solution for those who have a huge number of passwords to manage. After setting up LastPass in your chrome browser, you will have to provide a master password and it is the last password you have to remember, for that matter. There is a lot of additional capabilities that await you, such as the ability to save files, credentials etc that you want to be safe. The tool, in addition, enhances your online security through multi-factor authentication, replace weaker passwords etc. If you’re ready to pay more, premium version of LastPass has more features to offer.

Install LastPass


3. Chrome Remote Desktop (Access your PC remotely & Securely)

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

What do you think about using your Smartphone to control your PC — just like you’d done using TeamViewer? If it’s an affirmative, you can install this productive Google Chrome extension to get things done. You have to install the Remote Desktop application in your Android Smartphone and the extension in Chrome. Once you have created the bond and fixed some installation stuff, you can start controlling your computer using Smartphone screen of yours. Its cross-platform availability is so impressive, given that Chrome needs to be installed in the device. Of course, when its resource consumption does not bother you, Chrome Remote Desktop is a sense-making productive extension.


Install Chrome Remote Desktop


4. Google Keep (Notes, lists, things to do, drafts etc)

If you’re not a Pocket user, or want the ability to quickly save notes alongside your links, then the Google Keep Chrome extension is well worth checking out.Anything saved via the extension button can then be viewed or edited on any devices on which you use Google Keep – and frankly, it’s the ubiquity and simplicity that keeps me coming back. You can opt to remove the link from notes created via the extension, too, in case you just need to jot something down.

Install Google Keep

5. Tunnel Bear Secure VPN (Bypass ISP and Browse anonymously)

“TunnelBear, the gorgeous VPN app that wants to bring online privacy to everyone.” Hide Your IP Address & Location
Your IP address is the unique number that websites use to determine your physical location and track you across different sites. Use TunnelBear VPN to keep your IP address private from websites, hackers and advertisers. TunnelBear VPN shields your personal information from prying third-parties and hackers on public WiFi, ISPs and other local networks. Your connection is secured with bear-grade (that’s strong) AES 256-bit encryption. We do NOT log your network activity.

Install Tunnel Bear Secure VPN


6. SpeakIt (Smooth text to speech reading)

SpeakIt is a neat extension that uses text-to-speech technology to read selected onscreen text to you complete with language autodetection. Simply select the text you want read and hit the extension’s button or press a keyboard shortcut, and SpeakIt reads the selection out. Users can configure reading speed, the keyboard shortcut, and choose from a selection of reader voices.

Install SpeakIt


7. OneTab (Browser Tab Organizer)

OneTab quickly compresses all of your open tabs into a single tab page with links to all of the Web pages you had open, allowing you to flush all of the tabs from your browser, while still allowing you to go back to them for easy reference right after. Users can then restore tabs one at a time or all at once. Users can also easily export their tabs into a list of URLs or a web page for easy sharing.

Install OneTab


8. The Great Suspender (Resource control for opened tabs)

Tabs in moderation can be a productivity booster, but keeping too many of them open quickly leads to a massive drain in your PC’s memory resources. The Great Suspender comes to the rescue by monitoring your open tabs and automatically (or manually) unloading tabs that haven’t been used in a while from memory, while retaining the tab’s title and favicon on your tab bar. Users can then quickly reload the tab by clicking on the screen.

Install The Great Suspender

9. Disconnect (Control cookie tracking from advertisers)

Disconnect is a powerful browser add-on for Chrome that allows users to see advertising, analytics and social media tracking cookies, with the option of disabling them globally or selectively. The extension comes with a host of features, including the ability to create whitelists and blacklists of permitted trackers, a visualization tool for listing the trackers on a particular site and an indicator of how much time and bandwidth is saved by blocking trackers and other elements.

Install Disconnect

10.  StayFocusd (Stay focused)

StayFocusd is a godsend for users who fritter away their time instead of working. Users can set themselves a time allowance for particular sites and time-wasters, such as social networks, feed readers or TVTropes, and once you’ve hit that limit, StayFocusd blocks access. The extension is highly configurable, allowing you to block access to a particular list, restrict access to everything except an approved list or even block access to all websites.

Install StayFocusd


Do you have an App you want to include on this list? comment and let us know.