Top Ten best tested and tried Google Chrome extensions to download YouTube Videos and MP3 Music

Top Ten best tested and tried Google Chrome extensions to download YouTube Videos and MP3 Music

From Our Bits And Screw's Top Ten List, Today we will be ranking the Top Ten best tested and tried Google Chrome extensions to legitimately download YouTube Videos.

In our previous article, we covered Top Ten Google Chrome Extensions You Just Cant Live Without Now we are going to focus on the Top Ten best tested and tried Google Chrome extensions to legitimately download YouTube Videos and MP3 Music.

YouTube’s been around for more than a decade now, and in that time, it has completely dominated the online video market. The term itself has become synonymous with entertainment for millions of kids, teens, and adults around the world.

In this article, we are going to rank the best Google Chrome extensions to download and save any YouTube Video. Other queries may include: google chrome YouTube extensions, YouTube video downloader for chrome browser, One click YouTube downloader for chrome free download, chrome YouTube mp3 downloader, youtube downloader for chromebook, YouTube addon chrome, how to download YouTube videos in chrome without any software, video downloader chrome or YouTube video downloader chrome extension 2017

1. KeepVid 10/10

KeepVid is our favorite website to download audio, video, or both from a YouTube video quickly and easily, so it’s no surprise that their Chrome extension is our favorite of the bunch. Though not perfect by any means, KeepVid’s own extension seems to work better than any of the others we’ve tested, with more stability, more reliability, and a better instruction guide than any other extension out there for downloading videos. The steps are simple: install TamperMonkey, an extension available right inside the Chrome store that allows for special userscripts. Once TamperMonkey’s been installed into Chrome, you have the option to add KeepVid’s own userscript from their website. Unlike script and command lines like YouTube DL above, downloading a userscript from TamperMonkey and putting it into effect is as easy as a few clicks—you won’t have to do anything else.

Install KeepVid

2. YouTube DL 6/10

By far, YouTube DL is the most difficult program to use on this list. If you’re looking for simplicity, you aren’t going to find it here. YouTube DL doesn’t even have it’s own visual interface—to gain that, we’re going to have to install a separate program that will allow it to have that interface for easier downloads. On its own, YouTube DL is a command line interface, installed from GitHub where the original source code is kept. If you’re at all familiar with using these types of programs, YouTube DL will be a cinch to set up, especially on Windows, where you won’t have to use any sort of command line or code and instead have the option of using an executable file. For MacOS users, you’ll have to be comfortable using Terminal to install this one. Still, let’s take a look at how to install it.

Install YouTube DL


3. YouTube Video Downloader 5/10

This extension works identical to how we saw FastestTube load—open a YouTube video and you’ll see a green download button next to the subscribe button on YouTube’s interface. We will mention that we had difficulty getting the button to show up in the newer YouTube interface; sometimes it was there and sometimes it wasn’t. The developers are still actively working on this, with the most recent update having rolled out in May, so keep your eyes open for a fix coming soon. That said, when the button does work, you get a ton of different download and saving options for both music and video formats, making it really easy to save whatever you need from YouTube for your own use.