Top 6 Free Music Download Apps

Top 6 Free Music Download Apps

Online streaming of music or downloading them for later entertainment has evolved into a way of life. Today we are going to take a look at 6 of the be

Online streaming of music or downloading them for later entertainment has evolved into a way of life. Today we are going to take a look at 6 of the best music downloader apps which can help you in making the most out of audio content without having to pay anything for the same.

  • Songily

This application stands out of the crowd with its ability of allowing users to download the mp3 file of songs. You can even search and play online music content as well as proceed with unlimited Mp3 downloads for free. Downloaded music can also be used outside of the application and shared with your friends as well as other devices whether through Bluetooth or offline modes. Coupled with such characteristics, this app can serve as the ultimate nirvana for music lovers as they get to browse through their favourite audio content belonging to a plethora of genres and artists.

Searching for a song seems to be a cakewalk while using this app. It also provides us with ample suggestions for making the whole experience an enjoyable one. It’s amazing online video converter can be of exceptional help in converting the videos stored in your phone. You can even download high quality music videos directly from YouTube although the service is presently under beta phase.

  • Amazon Prime Music

The first thing which is bound to catch you eye is the innovative user interface of Amazon Prime Music allowing users to download songs, create their own playlists and even make a personalized one. Its built-in Alexa also aids in making the entire user experience a much more seamless one. The iOS version of Amazon Prime music application weighs about 65MB which can cause space crisis for people using a 16GB iPhone. One of the best things about this application is its intuitive user interface and the refreshing dark theme. You can navigate in between Alexa, offline music library and recently played/searched songs coupled with the four toggles located at the bottom.

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  • 4shared

Wont it be absolutely great to play music coming from a plethora of genres! It is possible to do the same with 4shared which has something in its kitty for people belonging to all age groups. Once the installation process is completed, you just need to sign in and access you favorite musical content from the 4shared cloud. It is possible to search for your favorite music from the fully optimized search bar as well as enjoy the serenading tracks broadcasted by radio stations. The P2P sharing platform of 4shared allows users to share their collection over the online portal.

  • SoundCloud

Music lovers are always on the lookout for platforms where they can taste the flavour of fresh music. SoundCloud can serve as your ideal platform for discovering the latest recordings before they can actually become blockbuster hits of tomorrow. You can find both new recordings of upcoming artists as well as remixes of today’s most popular audios in SoundCloud which is also gaining rapid popularity with its podcasts.

SoundCloud’s applications allow its users to discover and play music directly from their mobile device. You just need to select the song of your choice and add other favoured songs for building up a playlist. SoundCloud can even find related tracks for being played automatically once your playlist reaches its end. It is also possible to add comments to songs of your choice which in turn shall show up for annotating audio. Following various artists will ensure that you get notified every time they release something new for their fans.

Apart from enjoying other’s music, it is also possible to make use of the same features in your own recordings and building up greater fan following. You can upload about 3 albums absolutely for free using SoundCloud whereas monthly paid plans can enhance your functionality. A metadata of your choice is included in each recording comprising of links for discovering your other services or recordings and for purchasing your song.

Extra analytics are guaranteed by the paid plans which can reveal city and even country level statistics for helping artists in taking the final call regarding where to hold the next concert for maximum engagement. The SoundCloud premier plan also help in sharing streaming revenues so that you can go easily from your first recording session to taking up a full-scale career as a musician.

  • Google Play music

While most of the other applications require some extra space for their operation, Google Play Music comes by default in almost all Android devices. It can thus serve as your one-stop destination whether you wish to play any downloaded track or stream online music. You can easily access other categories by clicking on the same. It is also possible to select a handful of genres for being recommended further music based on your choices. One of the best features of Google Play Music is its ability of uploading about 50000 audio files to its online music locker directly from your desktop. It is also possible to set the bandwidth rate using the advanced choices for prioritizing network traffic based on your internet connectivity.

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  • Keepvid Music

This free of cost application for downloading music online helps users in enjoying a wide variety of music. Apart from playing the music files, it is also possible to share them over various online platforms. Keepvid Music runs both on Mac computers (Intel-based 32 and 64 bits) and Windows ones (Vista, 7,8,10). You can search for your favourite musical content through YouTube, Vimeo etc. Meta tags get added automatically to these files which can then be downloaded with a single click. Users can even select and transfer music from its own audio library to their preferred device. Music conversion supported by Keepvid Music also aids in ensuring greater compatibility and makes it easy to synchronise music with Android and iOS smartphones as well as tablets and PC.

Every single application has a unique set of features and facilities. Thus, it is imperative to browse through out list in details before zeroing on the one which can cater to your requirements.