Tips to make content on instagram for Christmas 2018

Are you searching for the marketing ideas and methods of connecting your business on Christmas with the buyers? Instagram is the way to get started.

Are you searching for the marketing ideas and methods of connecting your business on Christmas with the buyers? Instagram is the way to get started.

Over 80% of users follow on brand on Instagram at least. Moreover, a considerable amount of this number have utilized Instagram for visiting website of brand, get directions of location and contact numbers, direct message or email the representatives. The stats are quite eye-catching.

And this is only for the beginners: brands regularly get 4% engagement rate on Instagram by their followers. This may seem a big number, well, it is. On twitter and facebook, it is less than 0.2%. around 60% users of Instagram say that they learn regarding services and products on this platform while 30% have bought the things which they find on Instagram.

While 93% of the brands acquire their presence on the Facebook, around 70% of the brands acquire their presence on the Instagram. The 800 million users of Instagram post around 95 million images and videos each day and the number of users on Buy Instagram Comments  are not as many as the facebook has. What an amazing difference of engagement rates amid these two platforms: the  rate is 10 times more on instagram than Facebook and this provides a great opportunity.

Well, enough numbers. Let’s talk about the tips which can be used for producing an outstanding content this Christmas on instagram.


  1. Plan themes


Make some content pillars or themes which are very authentic to the brand. You can post various kinds of content which reinforce associations which you want to make between your brand and people. It is not necessary to own mastery in photography but few of the basics will be enough. More will be the strength of your image, higher will it seem unique in the feeds of users.

This helps also if the images are dominated by the one color (or even a collection of colors), and the matter of subject is in focus and quite clear. Even if your business is not related to selling products, you are able to see the ways brands select their point of views or themes and use a particular color scheme for giving images a unique feel.


  1. Add a range of subjects


Videos and photos which exhibit the brand from a wide range of perspectives – also the images which showcase the behind-the-scenes picture of the brand or linked with the culture of company – are suitable. Try of avoiding the simple republishing of images which seem on the website or any other social network. Also, avoid the frequent posts which get overly promotional.


  1. Play with filters


Few brands build a look which gets recognized easily. Well, not every photo has to have same filters, consider about the ways of using filters on instagram while creating a uniform look. You can use various seasonal themes also.


  1. Use short captions


Captions which you use must be short and also be incorporated with the relevant hashtags. Ask different questions in the captions if your main goal is to gain higher engagement. Instagram isn’t a platform where you put lengthy musings. Use concise captions and during the season of holidays, you may ask questions such as “what is your favorite carol for Christmas?” or “ do you have any new year’s resolution?” or “mention one thing for which you are thankful”


  1. Include location


Include your location  – where you have taken your picture or made a video – whenever possible. Especially, if you have taken your photo or video at your business place or a tradeshow, at retail market, or at any other particular event, do mention it. If you feel appropriate, make use of feature of “add people” for tagging people that may help in expanding the audience.


  1. Use moderate amount of hashtags


Many purposes are served by hashtags on the instagram. They can be an amazing way of reaching to people who search for something peculiar. The holiday hashtags can be useful also for supporting the marketing contests or campaigns objected to increase the brand awareness and for making deals to “How to use Instagram Direct Message on Pc or Mac”. but, avoid to use hashtags for capitalizing simply on newsworthy or current event which are not related with your brand.


7.Employ habits for boosting organic reach


There is an algorithm on Instagram, same as Facebook has, however there are some things which can be done for making it work for you. Following are few:

  • ·         Find an optimal time for posting times (make use of Instagram Insights for determining the best times for posting).
  • ·         Add the occasional videos.
  • ·         Host campaigns and contests
  • ·         Ask questions for encouraging engagement.
  • ·         Curate as well as share UGC
  • ·         Practice Instagram stories
  • ·         Try to go live on the Instagram.
  • ·         Use Instagram ads.