How Does Shopify Fare As A Website Builder?

How Does Shopify Fare As A Website Builder?

How Does Shopify Fare As A Website Builder? Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables newbies and established businesses build an online store

How Does Shopify Fare As A Website Builder?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables newbies and established businesses build an online store effortlessly. This is why it is a website builder to reckon with. Let us find out the various aspects of Shopify and what makes it one of the most successful builders today. Plus you will find out whether Shopify is as valuable as it is advertised.

Features Of Shopify


  • Users

Shopify’s ability to empower anyone to start an online store is its biggest strength. This is what makes it stand apart from the rest of the website builders available today. It is one of the simplest platforms through which a novice user can start an online business easily.


  • Web Hosting

Shopify gives you relief from having to look for a web hosting service. Shopify includes web hosting so you can do everything with Shopify. With other website builders, you are required to sign up for web hosting which can incur additional costs.


  • Scalability

A website builder must be scalable and Shopify provides you exactly that. It is highly scalable and so if you grow, Shopify can scale with you. This is fantastic for small businesses because even if you add more products and services, it will still all be easy to manage with Shopify.


  • Reports

Shopify lets you know how well you are doing as there is a ‘Reports’ section available on your dashboard. The individual information about your sales can help you make clear decisions about your business. This helps you manage your online store better as you know where to improve.


  • Templates

Structuring your website is one of the most important aspects when starting an online store. You get to choose from a wide range of templates that you can use. These professional templates help you take in charge of building an online store by yourself too.


  • Customization

What if you want to make adjustments to the way your website has been designed? Shopify lets you do it in minutes. The interface of Shopify website builder shows you the different customization options that are available for you. You can then change the design details as you wish.


  • Payment Options

Shopify enables you to add various payment options including PayPal, credit cards, and Bitcoin too. The other forms of payments that are supported when you use Shopify include cash on delivery and bank transfer options. You will be required to pay a certain amount of transaction fees for these.


  • Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments allows you to manage everything related to your business from one central place. You do not need to pay any transaction fees associated with the subscription for this. Since you can set it up easily, it is one of the best options available to you.


  • Physical Store

Do you already have a physical store operating somewhere? You can integrate it with your online store through Shopify easily. This will help you manage both the online store and the physical store while having all the necessary information about both at your fingertips.


  • Trial

You can use a two-week trial version of Shopify website builder before you purchase any of the plans. There are no hidden or locked features in the trial so you can test Shopify completely. This gives you the ability to test Shopify before you buy and gives you the confidence you need.


Shopify lets you try it for free for 14 days.


  • Price

There are three plans that are available. Shopify Basic costs $29, Shopify is priced at $79, and Shopify Advanced plan costs $299 if you want to pay monthly. You can save if you purchase Shopify plans for one year or for two years.


  • Settings

It is the only website builder and e-commerce platform that allows you to easily access everything and you don’t need to spend hours learning the know-how. You will be able to find what you are looking for due to the clean design of Shopify and the settings are easy to manage as well.


  • Plans

Shopify is flexible as it allows you to get a lot even when you buy the basic plan. You can get a POS system, buy button, ability to sell directly on Pinterest and Facebook, and a module for creating the online store. You can buy the domain name through Shopify for an additional fee too.


  • User-Friendly

Shopify’s user-friendly interface from the time you sign-up provides you what you need. The wizard asks you simple questions to start with so that the solution can be customized to your needs. Everything in Shopify is clearly laid out for you making it easier for you to work with it

In conclusion

Shopify is built for any type of industry. If you want to sell products and services online, then Shopify is your friend. You don’t need any previous expertise or experience as beginners can use it with utmost ease. You will be guided at every step so you are aware of what is happening. This makes creating, building, and managing an online store very convenient.

Does that mean Shopify is perfect as web builder? Well, nearly. The only aspect that can be called as a disadvantage is that you need to think about the costs associated. If you are not using Shopify Payments then you need to spend extra as processing fees. Additionally, the monthly cost of using Shopify is something that you must be comfortable with.

When you look at Shopify as a complete website builder package, it is the best there is right now. This is the reason why more stores are choosing Shopify website builder over others. Shopify ticks all the boxes (nearly) and emerges as a winner when it comes to providing all the necessary features that an incredible web builder should have.