Keys to Consider Before Choosing a Realtor

Whether your desire is to buy, sell or rent, putting yourself in the hands of a real estate agency to carry out the operation can be expensive if you

Whether your desire is to buy, sell or rent, putting yourself in the hands of a real estate agency to carry out the operation can be expensive if you do not choose well. Transparency, a fluid communication and the trust that is deposited in these professionals will be fundamental requirements in the negotiation of the conditions of the sale.

Look for information:

About the agency to which you have thought to deliver your property: inquire about your experience and your trajectory in the market. This first step can be very indicative of the seriousness of the company and its commitment to its customers.

Solicited Specific Information on how to Advertise your Property:

In the real estate agency that best suits you is the one that offers the best marketing plan for your property. It is not only important to be in the main real estate portals known by all, but also to have a wide database of potential buyers, and real estate agents interested in facilitating a cross sale.

Confirm if you properly take advantage of new technologies:

At present, the best agencies have powerful marketing tools to promote real estate (professional photos, videos …). Also analyze if you know how to take real advantage of new technologies to fully understand the price at which a home can actually be sold.

Ask for real and objective information:

Talk to the real estate professional as if it were a job interview. Choose one who has knowledge of valuation of real estate, the market and legal issues. Request information about sales made, years of experience in that area, relationship of collaborators, advertising media, managed portfolio, training, membership of associations or professional networks, etc.

All that glitters is not gold:

Choose that agency that presents you with a fair fee and make sure of the total fees that the agency will receive. Understand that a good professional should cover various expenses such as advertising, attend multiple visits, resolve paperwork, address legal issues, etc.

Beware of those who value your home above the market and those who do it below:

Do not choose that real estate agency that promises to sell your home for a price well above the market. Look for a reasonable and realistic proposal and do not get carried away by the one who gives you the highest price to seduce you. Trust better in the most frank and realistic. And as long as you bring witnesses from the area.

Inquire about your capacity for mediation:

When you meet with the real estate agent, observe how he manages empathy towards you, because he is going to be the person who gets you to reach an agreement with the buyer.

Transparency in the operation:

Put as a condition to be present in the negotiation of the price with the buyer. Do not accept to work with purchase offers. The real estate agent will look for the buyer who is interested in your home and you, directly with the buyer, is that you have to reach an agreement on the type of contract of criminal, penitential or confirmatory, the amount of the signal, the duration of it and the price.