How Your E-Commerce Site Can Increase Website Speed

How Your E-Commerce Site Can Increase Website Speed

If you value your e-Commerce business, then the speed at which your website loads should be of great concern to you. Furthermore, the fact that Googl

If you value your e-Commerce business, then the speed at which your website loads should be of great concern to you. Furthermore, the fact that Google relies on loading speed as one of the factors for ranking websites should also motivate you into acting fast.

Website speed matters more than you may be aware. A delay of one second can cost your company a fortune. The good news is you have many solutions for boosting speeds. That one measure that you apply increases speeds and conversion rates beyond your wildest thoughts.

What should you do to increase website speed?

Use caches

Cached versions of your website are a godsend. They come in handy whenever your website threatens to load slowly, thus leaving visitors, who are prospective clients, frustrated. In many ways, caches are brilliant at tackling page abandonment, which can affect your business.

Therefore, take the first step towards fixing this annoying problem by enabling caches. Moreover, do not stop updating the caches regularly, as this helps them improve how the site feels and looks. Remember, caching improves the browsing experience for your visitors.

Saving CSS as External Files

Stylesheets that load up every time that visitors click across different web pages on your website can affect loading time negatively. For this reason, you should do whatever it takes to reduce this. Saving everything as external files is a highly effective solution.

Do not forget to save the scripts as external files too. After all, the scripts are just as bad as CSS in slowing everything to the frustration of the visitors. By saving them this way, they will only have to load once thus ensuring that the site works correctly and with improved speeds too.

Using compression tools

Certain aspects of the website cannot continue operating the way they have been doing for ages. The massive sizes of the images in your website need a relook too. Therefore, start using compression tools to reduce the dimensions, thereby boosting speeds a notch or two higher.

Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out the fact that the choice of compression tools here is critical to user experience. Otherwise, you may succeed in transforming your high quality, high definition images into horrible-looking stuff that visitors take no pleasure in viewing.

Why is it essential for businesses to increase website speed?

First, faster loading speed has a definite bearing on SEO and usability. As mentioned earlier, Google ranks a website based on various factors, which include the speed at which it loads. Also, don’t forget that many users are impatient thus likely to abandon slow pages and sites.

Additionally, more users are accessing websites on their mobile gadgets. For this reason, they expect the speeds to be similar to what they encounter on laptops and desktops. Again, slow speeds cause page abandonment, which is terrible news for any online business.

Lastly, it is worth stating that e-Commerce businesses have no option other than doing everything possible to increase website speed. Visit to learn more today.