What is Hospital Scheduling System

What is DeskFlex Hospital Scheduling Software? Hospitals are one of the busiest places on Earth. There are a lot of activities happening simultaneous

What is DeskFlex Hospital Scheduling Software?

Hospitals are one of the busiest places on Earth. There are a lot of activities happening simultaneously in the hospital. Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff, Admin Staff, Security personnel, and many more departments are all working together to deliver quality healthcare services to their patients. To manage all the data from all departments, a reliable hospital scheduling system (HSS) must be in place.

DeskFlex’s Hospital Scheduling Software is a secured web-based system that allows users to manage hospital operations. The system will automate reservations, appointments, room bookings, scheduling, and many more. It will help in reducing clerical errors and double information entry. It integrates into one software all information regarding:

  • Admitted or discharged patients
  • Doctor
    • Medical staff
  • Admin personnel
  • Security personnel
  • Utility personnel
  • Building maintenance
  • Schedule of procedures and operations
  • Out-patient departments
  • Clinics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Hospital schedules
  • Many more

With a comprehensive Hospital Scheduling Software, it makes room reservations, admission, scheduling, and record-keeping more convenient.

Why Should Hospitals Upgrade Their Scheduling System?

Using DeskFlex’s hospital scheduling software provides many benefits to all hospital departments.

List of Doctors

Every healthcare facility has a list of doctors’ schedules and contact numbers to relay pertinent information about their patient’s progress. Reliable hospital schedule management software provides a complete list of personal and emergency contact numbers. It also allows doctors to edit his schedule accordingly and see other doctors’ schedules and availability. It displays a list of medicines for specific diseases so that other doctors can prescribe an alternative medication when the need arises. Making patient appointments is more accessible when the system shows the doctor’s available schedules.

Accurate Patient Information

Upgraded hospital management systems provide current and accurate patient information. The database can even keep details about the procedures, contact information, including photos of the patient as proof of their identity. Keeping correct hospital records is essential in medico-legal cases and the prevention of identity theft and fraud.

Availability of Rooms

DeskFlex hospital scheduling software helps healthcare industries optimize the use of their rooms and spaces. Using DeskFlex medical booking software, the user can quickly locate available rooms or beds so that incoming patients can room in immediately or the patient’s room transfer is readily possible. The medical equipment booking software automatically updates the records once there are changes made. It can also provide a detailed schedule of the operating room theatres so nurses or the receptionist can access which OR rooms are available for emergency surgeries.

Employees, Medical Staff, Aids, and Assists

A hospital scheduling software safe keeps the names and pertinent data of all employees, medical staff, medical aids, and medical assistants employed in the healthcare facility. It includes their medical history, shifting hours, designated wards, and hospital departments.
The system also records all doctor’s orders for all of his patients through the nurses’ chart.

Medical Equipment Scheduling

Medical equipment, apparatus, and paraphernalia are one of the highest hospital investments. Medical equipment service scheduling software takes care of the hospital’s inventory of supplies, a list of surgical instruments, laboratory supplies, staff supplies, stationery, medical equipment booking, many more. The system keeps a comprehensive record of all medical supplies and equipment to track its usage and control wastage.

Medical Billing

Most hospitals have separate data on a patient’s total hospital bill that nurses cannot access and must be requested in the Billing department. Hospital schedule management software streamlines the complete billing statement at the end of confinement or consultation and saves a lot of time for all concerned parties.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance companies use hospital narratives and data to process the patient’s insurance coverage. The use of DeskFlex’s hospital schedule management software allows the hospital system to store data in the cloud for future use by the insurance company, hospital, or patient.

Radiology and Laboratory Procedures

With DeskFlex hospital scheduling software, radiology and laboratory staff can access doctor’s procedure requests and help reduce human error. Once the results are out, the system keeps a record of all the procedures that the patient went through. Doctors can compare the patient’s past and current lab results for further diagnostics.

Hospital Analytics

DeskFlex’s total hospital management software compiles all hospital data and presents analytics and reports. It helps users to understand how hospital activities are taking place in their healthcare system. It gives them a general overview of hospital admissions, peak seasons, the status of supplies and equipment, and necessary or unnecessary expenses over the years. It helps hospital admins to make better decisions on improving the delivery of their health care services.