Hidden Facebook Features You Should Know

Hidden Facebook Features You Should Know

589 friends, 10 new notifications, 4 people to wish birthdays, making reservations for events! Welcome to the world of Facebook! I think we all owe

589 friends, 10 new notifications, 4 people to wish birthdays, making reservations for events! Welcome to the world of Facebook!

I think we all owe it to Facebook for introducing us to the term ‘social networking’. I mean I do not know the 589 friends who have somehow made it to my Facebook friend list but I am aware of all the ‘happenings’ in their lives. And so are they! Elizabeth checked-in to this fancy restaurant on Saturday night with two other friends. Man, my forgetful brain couldn’t even recall who Elizabeth was but I was happy for her.

As for me, I spent my Saturday night selecting a profile picture for my Facebook account – one that could garner me 100+ likes. Had to choose between various filters, looked for apps that could hide my dark circles and got 10 friends approval before uploading it. And the moment I decide to update my profile picture, my Frontier FiOS Internet wouldn’t connect to my mobile. It was then that I realized that I had not made the monthly payment. But that did not stop me from posting a picture and receiving appreciation on it from people I did not know.

Anyhow, my Facebook friends were very generous and showered their likes and kind comments upon me. Now I think I should stop whining and introduce you people to some very interesting.

Hidden Facebook features

1.    Hidden Inbox

While your friends flood your inbox with links to their favorite videos, there are admirers who are bombarding your ‘other’ inbox with ‘How r u?’ and ‘Nice picture’ messages. And if you were not aware of this hidden inbox aka ‘message requests’, do you even realize the amount of entertainment you had been missing out on in your life? I mean reading messages from random strangers who want to befriend you through obnoxious pickup lines is another ball game. If you were not aware of this feature before, head to your ‘message request’ and get ready to have a laughter dose as those messages are very likely to tickle you’re your funny bone.

2.    Sneaker Alert

Have you ever wondered who all try to make failed attempts to log into your Facebook account? Well, stop wondering and start noticing. All you need to do is head to the Security Page and locate the link ‘where you’re logged in’ under the ‘Security’ folder. Clicking on this link will display all the desktop and mobile logins to your account. The information would be displayed based on web browsers, location, and devices before you. You have the authority to end the permission for all or an individual device here.

3.    Get the Complete History

Do you ever wish to take a trip down your Facebook memory lane? While it may seem impossible, you would be surprised to know that a feature that allows you to download everything that you have done through your account exists. This includes the chats, the videos that you have shared and all other activities that you conducted through your Facebook account. All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Click ‘General’
  • Click on the option ‘Download all your Facebook data’

Once done, you can sit back and enjoy (or get embarrassed) looking at the decade-old posts.

4.    Curate thy Newsfeed

While Facebook has made it easier for us to connect with friends across the globe, there comes a point when unnecessary posts popping up on the newsfeed more often. I am sure it annoys everyone as much as it annoys me but I guess none of us has ever tried to look for ways to stop irrelevant posts from barging into our newsfeed. But recently, while having a chat with a friend, she introduced me to a feature on Facebook that allows you to prioritize what you want and do not want to see on your newsfeed. Follow the following steps and filter out all the irritating posts:

  • Click on the three dots next to ‘Newsfeed’
  • Select ‘Edit Preferences’ from the pop-up screen
  • Click ‘Prioritize’

And select the friends, brands and other pages whose activities you’d be interested in viewing on your newsfeed.

Sharing my own experience, a few days ago I filtered out many such pages and ‘friends’ whose posts I was least interested in viewing. My life has come to harmony since that day. I have actually deleted many people from my friend list as part of my ‘Facebook cleaning’ mission. My life is at peace now. Although, I am yet to pay for the internet package. I think I have relied a bit too much on LTE and it’s about time that I have a look at new Frontier deals and subscribe to a more valuable package. I will be back with a new blog post soon!