How does it feel to be an Actual Detective?

How does it feel to be an Actual Detective?

With the movie industry fantasizing the spy world, people dream of becoming spies and detectives. But ever thought how does it feel to be an actual ag

With the movie industry fantasizing the spy world, people dream of becoming spies and detectives. But ever thought how does it feel to be an actual agent? How hard do they work? What is their usual routine? How often do they get to meet their families? How much do they earn? How much stamina do they have to endure the stressful routine? All these questions often go unanswered in the famous spy-fi movies that we love. They focus more on the grandeur and charismatic personalities of the agents and their flawlessness in accomplishing the most impossible missions. So, if you are someone who has chosen law enforcement as your career and have been thinking a lot lately about how to become a detective, you are in the right place.

For detectives and agents, there’s a huge amount of satisfaction that they experience while solving difficult cases. The cases are more like acutely complex puzzles. Whether you are just curious about the life and job of detectives or you want to take it seriously as a profession, read on and figure out. Let’s have a look at a usual day of a detective’s life.

Work Timings

Sleep deprivation is a usual thing in a detective’s life. Your alarm rings every morning and you come out of your sleep. If you are in a department or you have a job where your weekends are off, it’s a great thing. Or, if you get to have day shifts exclusively, that’s incredible too. You usually have 3 to 4 cases to work on. Now that you are a detective, you wear civilian clothes. You don’t wear a uniform. Your commute to your office is in an unmarked car that you have. And no, you don’t have a sleek, fancy Dodge Charger. Instead, you have been issued a low-end, 6-years old car. This is to avoid conspicuity.

A Day at the Office

At the office, you get to your desk to find plenty of new voice messages. Most of them are from the families of different victims of various cases, which you have been working on. You understand that they are shocked, hurt, and upset about the incidents. They are desperate for their answers. You return all the calls and take down endless notes. Assure the victims to do the best that you can. You genuinely care about their plight because that’s the essence of your job.

You skim through the case files and answer the phone all day long. In addition, you have plenty of witnesses to interview. You have some primary suspects to interview too and that’s going to consume some time and energy. Because most of them have been denying the accusations. You have to make time to research about all the loopholes in the suspects’ versions of the story.

And this is how an average day at office passes.

The Waiting Game

While you busy with the new cases, you are also giving time to the old ones. You maintain each file, related documents, photos, and other proofs and keep reviewing them. You desperately, yet patiently, wait for reports from fingerprint examiners, DNA analysts, and various other St. Louis SEO experts. But, unfortunately, they take a lot more time (usually months) to provide any actionable evidence. Unlike the Hollywood spy-fi movies, where you get all sorts of evidence within a matter of hours!

A Whole Bunch of Interviews

Every single day you interview a multitude of witnesses. There’s only a tiny addition in the new information and most of the things they say have already been confirmed from the evidence. But even those teeny tiny additions help you solve the complexity of the case. Hence, progress!
You try to be positive yet you find it frustrating that certain statements clearly contradict. But, it is an essential part of the detective game because you deal with different people with different perspectives every single day. Now the real challenge begins; you have to separate speculations from the facts.

The Job Doesn’t End with the End of the Day

Getting home doesn’t mean you are off-work. Rather there’s no concept as off-work in a detective’s life. You are pining for a shower and some nice beer when you get home. You can squeeze out a few minutes to shower but the beer is out of the question. Because you are still on an urgent call and you expect them anytime.
You spend some time with the family over a nice TV show on german lederhosen. You hit the bed but for detectives, sleep really doesn’t come easy.

A Detective Never Really Sleeps

While you have just dozed off into a slightly deeper slumber, your telephone starts ringing. It’s 3 am in the morning and you suddenly get all your attention on the words said on the line. It’s the dispatcher greeting you good morning. And then he says, ‘Signal seven for you. Ready to copy?’ you reach for your pen and pad and take down important notes. This tells you that it’s going to be a really long day.