Eliminate Boredom with the Best Solitaire Apps

Eliminate Boredom with the Best Solitaire Apps

I absolutely hate the feeling of being somewhere and wishing I could do anything else, so when I learned that there are actually some really get Solit

I absolutely hate the feeling of being somewhere and wishing I could do anything else, so when I learned that there are actually some really get Solitaire apps available to stave off boredom when I’m doing mundane things like waiting in the doctor’s office, I got so excited. I’ve always enjoyed Solitaire, so I immediately took to the internet to see what I could find. I discovered a few apps via a helpful top 10 list (which I will link here if you’re interested) and decided to try them out.

Top 10 Pyramid Solitaire Games

I was so surprised at how much I loved playing solitaire and how many variations of the game there are now! I honestly had no idea. I chose my favorite three apps to share with you and, by sheer coincidence, they all happen to be different kinds of solitaire – perfect for those moments when you want to play a game that’s familiar but with a fun, unique twist.

Play Straightforward Solitaire with Solitaire by LuckyZen

Solitaire, the app created by LuckyZen, is a good pick-me-up because it’s super simple, straightforward, and seriously anyone can pick up and play it – experience or no experience. I love the auto-complete and auto-place features that help me speed through the game in just a few taps. There’s no more wasted time attempting to slide cards around your tiny phone screen. In my opinion, it really is perfect for those moments when you just need to kill a few extra minutes.

Occasionally, you may have to pause to dismiss an ad. Pop-up advertisements do present themselves between rounds which can be a tad annoying but, on the other hand, the game is free. You’ll have to decide if you’re willing to deal with ads or not.

Explore More Than 850 Levels with Solitaire TriPeaks

With Solitaire TriPeaks, you really do get much more than a boring, virtual solitaire game. You actually play your way across a variety of changing environments and locations like an island paradise. Not to mention, there are a whopping 850 different levels to explore which is really mindblowing consider how much time that means you get to spend playing a game you love. And, if it interests you, you can join a game club with your friends or make new acquaintances while you complete each level. It’s a fun way to meet new people with similar interests.

There are levels that are incredibly challenging and I’ve read user comments that say you have to purchase bonus items in order to beat them. I have yet to experience this, though I will say that the levels do get harder the more you play. However, if you’re a completionist and fear you might have an issue beating all 850 levels, it is something you might want to consider.

Quickly Undo Your Mistakes with Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire has unique animations that make it fun to play because they really just brighten up the game; I find myself constantly being drawn back in for more. Another thing that’s nice about Pyramid Solitaire is that it has a simple design that lets you focus on your game without distracting you with things like instructions or tutorials. Plus, if you make a mistake you can simply remove and undo past moves so you don’t get penalized for them. And if pyramid solitaire isn’t really your favorite version, there’s also spider solitaire or classic solitaire for you to choose.

You really do need to utilize a lot of strategies in order to become an expert at this game. In a way, it’s both a pro and a con. While this game may not be great for beginners because you do need to have some strategy in mind, it’s excellent for more experienced users who want to test their skills. You just have to know where you fall.


As I said, I am so happy and grateful that I found these apps. I have been able to keep myself busy while waiting to pick up my kids after school, in the doctor’s office, and in line at the grocery store just to name a few. If you are someone who likes playing Solitaire in general or if you just want a fun way to pass the time, I highly recommend you take a look at these apps.