How to Build your Professional Resume from Scratch

How to Build your Professional Resume from Scratch

Resume Writing Tips for Your First Job Application It can be mind-boggling to build your resume from scratch. Where to start from, what to include, h

Resume Writing Tips for Your First Job Application

It can be mind-boggling to build your resume from scratch. Where to start from, what to include, how to make sure it looks professional and impressive? These are the questions that must be bothering you. Sorting information and placing it rightly is a trick you will learn with trial and error. If you have been searching on Google about tips on building a resume from square one and it has brought you to our article, the good news is you will get quick and insightful information on the topic.

Here you go!

1. Create a Rough Draft

Just like you create an outline for the essay you have to write, figure out the sections that need to be included in your resume. You can take a look at a few samples or templates online to get an idea about the generic sections. Contact details, career objective, work history, skills, and educational background are the must to include parts. Don’t think about including headshot (unless you have won a beauty pageant or applying for an acting job), marital status and hobbies.

2. Use Bullets and Numbers

You can’t clutter your job resume with iffy lengthy paragraphs, use pointers to make it easy for the recruiters to get their desired details. Make use of numbers and stats to give your accomplishments and work history a boost. A resume without quantifiable data looks bland to a hiring manager, bold the number of years you have worked in a department or the percentage of sales that got improved because of your efforts.

3. Make your Professional Resume Compelling

Spice up the details on your resume to make it appealing for the recruiters. You don’t have to use braggy content to achieve this goal, list the information in an informal tone. Avoid using an unprofessional or too casual tone; an employer wouldn’t like a class clown for a job opening. Be careful with the choice of words and phrases you use, learn how to build online resume, and get your dream job.

4. Highlight Relevant Skills and Experiences

Go through the job advertisement meticulously and find the keywords that an employer is looking for in the right candidate. Get your skills and experience sections tailored according to the requirements and description of a job opening. “Relevance” is the most important factor to consider during resume writing. Mentioning your skill for handling cranky clients isn’t likely to get you an IT job that requires coding proficiency.

5. Edit and Proofread

You don’t have to finish off your resume in one go, take your time and keep on editing until it looks the finest version. Do proofread to avoid spelling and grammar issues. Use grammar checking tools to improve the quality of the content. You can use a resume template for structuring text. Edit the unnecessary and long details in various sections; you shouldn’t have long paragraphs on your resume, keep the content short and sweet.

Ask a friend to review your resume once you finalize it, this would help you scanning the readability and appeal of the text. You can improve the content that is confusing or incomplete. A cover letter would make your resume attention-grabbing. Writing a catchy cover letter would make your job application stand out from the pile.

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