Best Sports Wireless Headphones to buy in 2018

Best Sports Wireless Headphones to buy in 2018

There are a thousands of headphone manufacturers who are vying for that coveted spot in your running kit, and it can get confusing and tricky to ident

There are a thousands of headphone manufacturers who are vying for that coveted spot in your running kit, and it can get confusing and tricky to identify which are the best at the things you need them to do. That’s why the BitsAndScrews review team has put together this list of the Best Wireless Headphones to buy today for all your Sporting activities – each pair here has been tested and ranked with our own seal of approval, so you can be confident that you’ll get your money’s worth.

Our Picks:

FX-Sport VRX wireless sport headphones

The FX-Sport VRX wireless sport headphones with customizable personal trainer, are a purpose made, premium “on the ear” style of headphone with some unique functionality for your training. An 8GB mp3 player is integrated, so there is no need for your phone and no chance of signal drop out with Bluetooth.

The unique aspect is that the headphones arrive preloaded with hundreds of workouts in many fitness categories and for different levels of fitness. Full multi-week running programmes from couch to 5k and upwards are included, as well as many workouts voiced by world class personal trainers. You can also create workouts in your own words using FX-Sport’s simple software. Workout messages play over your own music, so you can switch tracks around without affecting the workout timings.

Specific measures have been taken to make the VRX sweatproof, rainproof and humidity proof. A coating on the electronics resists humidity corrosion and a special mesh over the speakers blocks water droplets but allows air through to allow the production of bass. A silicone skin accessory can be bought separately which works very well for swimming.

A secure but comfortable fit:
Being “on the ear” the VRX feels super comfortable with their soft earpads. The design hooks over the ears with enough tension and curl to also feel secure.

Sound quality:
The sound quality is very good. Great bass with highs and mids that are clear and crisp. An extra amplifier has been built in to provide a more powerful sound so a good volume can be achieved without sound distortion.

Situational awareness:
The VRX excels here. The “on ear” design allows ambient noise to filter through well, so whilst out running, environmental sound/traffic can be heard, something “in ear” designs can block out. There is easily enough power with the VRX however, to drown out gym music if you wish and still maintain a quality sound. We feel it gives the best of both worlds.



2. BTS Pro Wireless Sports Headphones





Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Sports Headphones

A decent pair of sports headphones are a very worthy investment. Research has shown that the right type and tempo of tune can keep you in the zone for longer, and we’ve all ran up park steps to a suitably bombastic soundtrack like we’re Rocky. Even if we’ve then keeled over at the top.
There are four things to look for, really.


Although a ‘normal’ pair of headphones can work well for exercise, if they fit well enough, they’re just not built to stand up to heavy rain when running or, more importantly, sweat when doing any exercise. And sooner or later, sweat or heavy rain will find them. And it will kill them. All the headphones here are sweatproof and rain resistant, but not suitable for immersion (ie: swimming, or running in Manchester).


A secure but comfortable fit.

You can get all sorts of fitness-oriented designs that wrap tightly around your head, over and around your ears, and then deep into your cranium. However in my experience, the best types of running headphones are actually either true wireless or lightweight Bluetooth in-ears with tips that go into the ear as usual, but with additional, curved, tapered ‘hooks’ that sit under the antihelix of your ear. For those of you who aren’t ear doctors, that is the crater of cartilage that sits above your earhole.

Of that type, pioneered (I think) by Monster and Bose, the Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 and 4, and Sennheiser’s excellent new Sennheiser CX Sport Bluetooth are the best. As far as possible I’ve tried to include as many different types of design as possible, though, from wrap-arounds to a pair of sweat-proof over-ear headphones.

Decent sound quality.

I don’t want to overly generalise but really this is the least important element in sports headphones. Most people want to be able to hear/feel their tunes as they workout and be motivated by them, whilst blocking out the gym/the world. They don’t necessarily want to be picking out hitherto undetected nuances in the string quartets of Brahms or the early works of Fleetwood Mac. So two of the headphones here sound really good and the rest sound good enough, usually with a lot of low-end and mid-range tones.

Situational awareness.

This is all-important for some people, who feel that effectively deafening themselves leaves them in danger of traffic or muggers when road running. It’s of no importance to me, as I prefer to shut out the world entirely when working out, but nonetheless I’ve included three great pairs of headphones specifically designed to let ambient sound through.

Whatever the sound you want, there is nothing more annoying than ear buds worming their way out when you’re trying to stay focussed. The main causes of this are poorly fitting ear-tips, plus the vibrations through your body and movements of your head as you run or work out. Even the best running headphones can become annoying when their cable snags on the back of your neck or your clothing.