Best ways to increase Instagram followers

Best ways to increase Instagram followers

  Instagram is more than a social interaction platform. It has outgrown this basic function and today it is a great place for business of all kind


Instagram is more than a social interaction platform. It has outgrown this basic function and today it is a great place for business of all kind to gain exposure. Boasting of over 1 billion-plus user and several smart and creative ultra-smart algorithms, Instagram is the right place to boost your brand or business.


For businesses, brand or any other person that would want to leverage its potential, knowing how to get more Instagram followers can be a key eye-opener to getting things moving. However, being the competitive platform, it is, getting follower on Instagram is not an easy thing to come by. It requires commitment and engagements to get followers. Buying followers can also be beneficial for your company. Buying Instagram Followers from is easy, and it even works for any social media service.

Check out these best ways to help you increase your Instagram followers.


Start by optimizing your brand page or IG Bio.

Your brand page/ IG Bio sells you to your prospective visitors. It gives you the chance to introduce yourself to your visitors and represents your public image. This simply means that a good or impressive profile has the potential of converting your visitors into nan active follower. So, it should be your aim to make your profile as attractive as possible. Make sure that the keywords are appealing, add a job title and don’t forget to call to action any visitor who happens to visit your page.


Post consistently.

Remember this social media, you seriously have to talk to people and keep them engaged all the time if you are to get followers. To achieve this, you need to post consistently, you need to follow up on your posts, reply to comments, make compliments here and there and just in case there are inquiries reply to them. Nothing should sound generic everything should be personalised in a human way.


Add a widget to your website.

It takes effort and finances to drive traffic to your website. If you can convert these visitors into active followers then it will be a great return on investment. Start by adding all your social links unto your website, several web tools can even help you do this. Adding your social media links such as Instagram increases the interaction channels through which your visitors can connect to you.


Use the right tags

Keep monitoring hashtags in your niche or area of specialization. If you are dealing in the clothing industry, for instance, monitor all hashtag results for clothing and fashion in your specific geographic region. Ensure that your hashtags also closely align with the current hashtags followed in your niche. If you find an interesting user make sure that you hit the follow tab on your side. They will follow you back if they are truly dealing in the same business as yours. InternetMarketingRocks do extensive research for hashtags and provide the best solution to gain more followers on Instagram.


Register with Facebook.

Instagram works as a subsidiary company of Facebook. They are closely intertwined and work collaboratively. By registering on Facebook, you can easily follow your friends, and family on Facebook that are also users of Instagram.

What is more? There are many ways that you can increase your Instagram following. We believe the above-mentioned tips are the top best tips that can help you increase your Instagram following.