Amazing Facts on the World’s Fastest subsea Data cable Built by Microsoft, Facebook and Telxius

Amazing Facts on the World’s Fastest subsea Data cable Built by Microsoft, Facebook and Telxius

Recently, Microsoft, Facebook and Telxius completed the laying of a the world's fastest subsea Data cable. Here are some amazing facts on it.

People and organizations rely on global networks every day to provide access to internet and cloud technology. Those systems enable tasks both simple and complex, from uploading photos and searching webpages to conducting banking transactions and managing air-travel logistics. Most people are aware of their daily dependency on the internet, but few understand the critical role played by the subsea networks spanning the planet in providing that connectivity.

The importance of those networks was underscored when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the U.S. in October 2012. The super-storm devastated coastal communities, caused billions of dollars in damage and shut down wireless, internet and home phone service for days. Flooding knocked out servers, shut down websites and disrupted connectivity across sectors, from electronic trading to online media, affecting transatlantic communications connecting some of the world’s largest economies.

Here are some interesting facts on this cable laying project:

Project Code Name: The Marea Cable (meaning “tide” in Spanish)

Cable Type: Eight pairs of fiber optic cables enclosed by copper

Starting Point: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Termination Point: Bilbao, Spain

Closest Competitor: “Google Faster.”

Cost: $416 Million Dollars

Length: 659,8310 Meters or 4,100 miles

Diameter: 28.5 millimeters or about 1.5 times the diameter of a garden hose

Weight: 10,250,000 Pounds or 34 blue whales

Data Speed: 160 terabits of data per second or capacuity to send eight times the entirety of the US Library of Congress’ collection, in a single second.

Project Started: August 2016

Project End Date: 2018

Key People: Najam Ahmad, vice president network engineering for Facebook, Rafael Arranz, chief operating officer for Telxius