5 Technology Trends to watch in 2019

5 Technology Trends to watch in 2019

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace. Every other day new gadgets and software come up and promise to make our lives better and easier. Where s

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace. Every other day new gadgets and software come up and promise to make our lives better and easier. Where software like TeamViewer online makes it easy for us to carry out online meetings, other hand gadgets like Alexa take smart living to a whole new level. It just makes one wonder what is in store for us next, making it a thrilling experience. If you identify yourself as someone who is tech-savvy and always looking for new stuff in the technological world, here are the 5 trends for 2019.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are all the rage these days. A smart home is not ‘SMART’ unless it has one of these speakers. You must be wondering that Alexa and Google Home are already making your lives so much fun serving you as the youngest sibling who gets to do all the chores. However, you might not be aware that smart speakers are getting smarter. Not sure if this upgrade is due to entertain people’s boredom or to make them even lazier. Whatever the case may be, people are investing more and more in these smart speakers. When we say ‘smarter,’ it means that the speakers are now capable of conversing with you the way another human being would. Guess who’s not going to be home alone anymore!

5G is Here!

The most anticipated 5G has finally arrived. Who all is excited to experience the Internet’s speed like never before? If you are not aware of the 5G technology that has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, let me guide you. 5G refers to a super-fast mobile broadband connection. Once common, 5G will replace the landline. The year 2019, most probably, is the year when 5G enabled smartphones will launch. Apart from that, the actual 5G service will be out this year as well. AT&T is all set to introduce the service to people in the middle of the year somewhere.

Electric Cars Are Not Just a Tesla Thing

Tesla might be the pioneer of the electric car concept,  but this year the company won’t be the only one producing them. Other companies like Audi, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Porsche, also have models on their way. However, get ready to pay a hefty price for them, in case you decide to purchase one. If you think that an expensive electric car is not what you can afford, then there will also be some less expensive versions joining the bandwagon. For example, you can choose from a Mini E or a Volvo XC40. Even Tesla makes a reasonably priced model. Perhaps, by the end of 2019, every major car manufacturing company would have introduced an electric car version.

Same Day Delivery for Everything

Well, this will be a huge achievement if it happens this year. It is expected that consumers will be able to receive their deliveries on the same day. And that too, for almost everything. The app-based delivery services are on the rise. People now choose to stay at home and receive groceries at their doorsteps than visit the physical store. In the near future, grocery stores are most likely to vanish. Some of the famous delivery channels for various things include Postmates, GrubHub, Delivery Dudes, Uber Eats and DoorDash.

Folding Smartphone

Huge smartphones are already very common amongst the masses. Companies like Apple and Samsung seem to be in a competition of their own when it comes to the size of the mobiles. However, it seems like Samsung stands the winner so far as it recently introduced S10. You can convert this foldable smartphone into a tablet whenever you please. Before this, the FlexPai smartphone, introduced in the final days of 2018 had a foldable OLED display. Already out in the market, the question still remains that will foldable smartphones be welcomed by the people or not. The answer to this will only be out when Samsung along with some other companies introduce their versions of the foldable mobile.

The chances that they will be famous among people are high (in my opinion). Because employees often stay connected to other company members through software like TeamViewer IoT. For such purposes, they always need big screens to have a better look at the person sitting on the other end. Obviously, it is not possible to carry laptops everywhere. So a foldable smartphone is very likely to come in handy.