3 Must-Have Applications for all Organizations

3 Must-Have Applications for all Organizations

Apps are all the rage throughout consumer bases in various fields and industries, but your audience are not the only ones who can benefit from applica

Apps are all the rage throughout consumer bases in various fields and industries, but your audience are not the only ones who can benefit from application technology. By utilizing the correct apps, your business environment can benefit on numerous fronts from employee productivity to inventory management.


As smart mobile devices transition from replacing old tech to a mainstay in society, they become affordable and offer increased levels of security. Both of these aspects make them excellent tools to deploy in any business environment, which is evident by the number of businesses embracing the “bring your own device” concept in their workplaces.

Embracing the benefits of allowing employees to use mobile devices improves employee efficiency, creates gains on productivity, and reduces costly human errors through mobile business applications. The question is, which apps do you need?


This article highlights three specific apps that nearly any organization can benefit from. Each tackle a separate aspect of business management, helping you stay on top of what matters.


  1. Clockspot


Every business utilizes a system to keep track of employee hours. It’s necessary to create a payroll, and it also shows you that your workforce is putting in the hours you require. Keeping track of all od that isn’t a ridiculously complicated task, but what if you could save money by simplifying the process?


Clockspot is a mobile application that handles all aspects of your timeclock and payroll tracking for you. Employees can clock in from any phone of web browser you approve in the system. The app tracks IP addresses and GPS locations, eliminating false log ins while helping you monitor remote employees.


All of this clock in information is transferred to a timesheet, which keeps track of employee hours in real time. It also provides a simple interface that allows you to see which tasks employees are working on. By clicking on a name in the app, you can see how long they worked on specific tasks, when they took a break, and when those time frames ended.


The app also allows you configure time off and PTO programs. With a separate calendar within the app, you can see who is scheduled to work and who isn’t. Your programs can also be tailor made to fit specific PTO or time off instances, allowing simple flexibility for any situation.


Best off all, the hours tracked in the app (which includes an overtime report) simplifies your payroll process. In a matter of seconds, Clockspot can take hours worked for each employee and whip up a payroll report in one click. All you have to do is input your pay schedule, and the app does the rest.

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  1. Slack


Human error is an inevitable part of running any business. People make mistakes, with miscommunication being a prime suspect. Out of one miscommunication, hundreds to thousands of issues can arise depending on the size of your organization.


Slack aims to fix internal communications as a project management and collaboration tool. Based in the Cloud, employees and managers alike can quickly communicate with one another on any task. Teams are organized through specific channels, all of which you can search and monitor at any time.


The app is simple to integrate and use, requiring zero training as it operates similar to social media messengers. 2FA and SSO measures keep your data safe, too. The real benefit, however, is having multiple people able to view these threads of communication. The more eyes seeing each message, the less miscommunication that occurs.


  1. Wisp


The onboarding process is time consuming, and time is money. Multi-day training programs every month can quickly eat up company resources, not to mention the cost per person if any employee must travel to the training event.


You can eliminate this cost altogether with Wisp, a simple platform app that creates a customized mobile handbook of your policy, branding insights, contact lists and internal news. All of these aspects improve your HR activities while increasing employee engagement.


Through Wisp, your employees can also collaborate quicker through a messenger platform. New employees can bond with their teams faster, which builds a stronger sense of belonging that increases productivity. Think of it like a social media app for your workforce, but one that fills their news feed with important information related to projects and branding.

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An App-tastic Future


As companies both large and small adopt mobile applications in the workplace, employees are empowered through stronger team bonds and ready availability to the tools they need. From communication to onboarding, it’s important to stay open to embracing new solutions, as many of these also help with monitoring your performance like monitoring on Amazon ELB.


Phones and tablets in the workplace are no longer a nuisance, they’re the way of the future. This growing trend is gaining traction across industries thanks to its simple implementation and numerous benefits. Is your company ready to benefit from business applications?