12 Weird Facts About Technology You Never Knew Before

12 Weird Facts About Technology You Never Knew Before

The advantages of modern technology, are for everyone to see as we become more dependent upon tech for carrying out all kinds of tasks. While the exa

The advantages of modern technology, are for everyone to see as we become more dependent upon tech for carrying out all kinds of tasks. While the exact definition of technology has been the subject of much debate, in essence, any mechanical, electronic or digital implement which makes tasks easy for humans in even the smallest of ways. Think phones, computers, videogames or even simple hand operated tools like spanners and wrenches! It is safe to say that the pace of latest technology updates in all spheres is growing exponentially and every day there are new researches and prototypes being developed, which have the potential to drastically change the way things are being done in the present. A simple example would be the mind-boggling popularity of smartphones which has risen dramatically in the past decade. Or even the latest web technology updates that have made accessing the internet convenient like never before. Let’s take a look at 12 more weird facts about technology that you never knew before:

  1. The internet: As we all know Internet has pretty much redefined our world and the evidence is only growing stronger with a plethora of startups and companies, running their businesses, exclusively online. Hire a car, a gardener or even buy furniture with just a few clicks! It’s interesting to note that the Email was actually invented way before the world wide web!
  2. Wikipedia: Your favorite online go to site for information on all kinds of topics and things is actually a nonprofit organization! In the day and age of hyper advertising, Wikipedia is one of the largest crowd funded, open platforms in the world which is largely moderated by users and bots!
  3. Online transactions: It is estimated that the number of transactions done online form the mammoth share of economic exchanges around the world, with some studies pegging it at a whopping 88% of the total transactions in the world! ( sum value). This, in comparison to a measly 12% of the money which is exchanged through cash.
  4. Touchscreen: Touchscreen, which is the standard mode of cellphones, tablets and even notebooks today were invented way back in 1992, with the IBM Simon being the first commercial product with the technology. What you would be surprised to know is that touchscreens were largely discarded and critics labeled it a failed technology!
  5. Selfie toaster: Well, want to put your face on your morning toast? Introducing the selfie toaster which can thermally carve your image into your morning toast. No kidding you can easily order the gadget online!
  6. Hyperloop: Tesla which is fast becoming a synonym for innovation and is headed by the Dynamic and outspoken Elon Musk, is pouring billions into an idea which aims to redefine transport, using high-speed loops!
  7. Water run computer: Vladimir Lukyanov built a computer which was run by an interconnected tube of water and represented mathematical equations through water levels! Meaning he literally built a computer which used water to run!
  8. The word “Technology”: The word Technology basically comes from two Greek words ‘Techne’ and ‘Logos’. Techne means art, skill or craft and logos means expression or a discussion. So the word literally means a discussion about art or a craft.
  9. Printer ink: Want to save printer ink? Try experimenting with different fonts!
  10. Prodigy hackers: There have been numerous pre-university and school going technology and coding prodigies around the world! The latest example being the 13 year old kid which was paid millions by Apple for detecting a bug in their iOS software that was missed by their legions of testers!
  11. Typewriters: Typewriters were mechanical and the key arrangement on them which are still used in the modern day (QWERTY) was designed so as to slow people typing! Reason being that keys next to each other might get prone to getting jammed.
  12. Robot: The origin of the word Robot, is Czech. The word literally means ‘forced labor’ in the language!