10 Most Popular Certifications Needed for Cybersecurity Careers

10 Most Popular Certifications Needed for Cybersecurity Careers

The number, size, and cruciality, of the data breaches online is increasing each passing day. Organizations are facing huge issues employing the righ

The number, size, and cruciality, of the data breaches online is increasing each passing day. Organizations are facing huge issues employing the right candidates who are equipped for guaranteeing that their associations are secured from both inward and outer dangers. As a result, the cybersecurity hole is augmenting, and the security joblessness rate is at zero. Therefore, the requirement for capable, experienced cybersecurity experts continues developing.

These signs are characteristic that the right cybersecurity skills are in extreme interest and are a perfect way to start your IT career. Getting in cybersecurity requires understanding of the issues, planning of the defensive actions, and executing the solutions. A cybersecurity professional can gain all these skills with the certifications and training. However, to get the right cybersecurity certifications we’ll need to the skills expected from a cybersecurity expert. Cyber security skills have many different categories like secure coding, breach detection, vulnerability and penetration testing, and attack mitigation. You’ll have to choose your skills based on your interest, job requirements, background, and current skill set.

So, which is the best cybersecurity certification for you? This majorly depends on who you ask, and how you perceive it. While the pay scale for these certifications vary differently, all of them are valuable. Regardless of whether you’re trying to get a job, secure yourself, gain career advancements and growths, here are 10 best cybersecurity certifications that will furnish you with the correct qualifications to kickstart a fruitful IT security profession in 2019. Each of the below-mentioned cyber security certifications covers the most in-demand tools, practices, and techniques. Check them out!

CompTIA Security+

This certification is acknowledged as a core certification for every cybersecurity professional. You will need only 1-2 years of experience to get this certification as this pushes the basic skills required to become a professional in cybersecurity. This certification pushes expertise like threat management, identity management, cryptography, security systems, network access control, security risk identification and mitigation, and security infrastructure. The average salary for this certification is $80K.


This certification is one of the most important certifications for a cybersecurity expert who aims big and have a clear vision. This certification required 5-7 years of industry experience. CISSP pushes skills like decision-making to develop, plan, execute, and manage security standards, procedures, and policies for the security of their organizations and network system. The average salry for an individual with CISSP certification is $119K.


CEH enables a person to counter the threats made by black-hat hackers. It usually requires around 1-2 years of experience in the field of information security to get a certification. A Certified Ethical Hacker is a gifted proficient who comprehends and realizes the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system and plan the counter steps accordingly and effectively. An average salary of a CEH holder is around 99K$.


CCNA Cyber Ops certification and CCNA Security certifications are another best cybersecurity certifications especially for beginners. CCNA Security certification is really at the basic level of Cisco’s chain so there are no essentials specialized to take the exam. However, there is a certain age restriction for a person to appear for CCNA exam. A person with age from 13-17 can only appear for a test with the consent of the parents, children aged below 13 are not permitted to take test, and a person above 1 has no restricts at all. A CCNA Security proficient have the abilities to build up a security system, perceive dangers and vulnerabilities to systems, and moderate security dangers. The average salary of a person with CCNA certification is $80K.

For CCNA Cyber Ops certification, you will need to pass two exams and requires 2 years of minimum experience. It gives the core learning of Cybersecurity and teaches the basic to the individuals. The average pay for this cert is around $100K.


CCNP certification is for the Cisco Network Security Engineers who are basically the in charge of security in switches, routers, machines, and networking devices. You will require an experience of 1-3 years to get this certification. Some of the skills that this certification pushes are how to choose, deploy, support, and troubleshoot firewalls, IDS/IPS, and VPNS, for their networking system. The salary of a person who is CCNP certified is up to $133.


Hack your career growth in cybersecurity by procuring CISA certifications. CISA candidates must have at least five years proficient experience and score over 450 on the 200-800 point test so as to be endorsed for this certification. This certification enables the skills like reviewing, controlling, screening, and surveying data innovation and business systems. An all inclusive acknowledged certification, CISA is a principle necessity for security evaluating positions. The yearly pay of CISA holders is $110K.


CISM implies higher success potential in career of an individual as compared to the one without it. CISM is one of the most paying and looked for after IT certifications. To appear in the test, candidates must have a confirmed five-year experience and must pass a 200-question test to finally get it. You can expect around $115K salary after getting CISM certified.


Professionals with certifications have skills to manage the main functions in cyber security, like cryptography, malicious code and activity, access controls, monitoring and analysis, security operations and administration, and networks and communications. SSCP is a contender to the well-known CompTIA Security+ authentication. SSCP holders are equipped for security building, observing and usage positions, where they serve in a hands-on security limit. The normal pay for employments you can arrive with a new SSCP certification is $70,000.


GSEC is for individuals who have hands-on and thorough cybersecurity experience. That is why there’s no experience required to appear in the exam. This can be a decent way to begin your career in cybersecurity and excel it. The normal compensation for the GSEC cert holder is $77K.


CRISC certification requires a minimum of 3 years of experience before appearing in the exam. This cert enables IT professionals for one of the biggest IT challenge i.e risk management and also positions them as the strategic partners of the enterprise. The average salry of CRISC holders is suggested to be $122K.